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Valentine’s Day is coming 💌✨ and we’re
Boho Rainbow ✨🌈 picnic 🧺💕for Autumn &

our why

we bring your party or event, wedding, or brand activation to the next level,. by creating an experience unique to you, and memorable to everyone. we aim to remove the stress behind "planning'.


party girls co. was created in 2013 by our founder and visionary, melissa vandermeer. melissa was looking to find a way to host an amazing event, that even the host can enjoy, that wasn't quite as elaborate as a typical wedding. when she couldn't find it, and being the entrepreneurial that she was, she created party girls co.
with party girls co, all the time and energy into design, style, set-up and clean-up is done by us, so that you can focus on preparing yourself, and entertaining your guests at your event!
if you asked one of our previous clients about us, we think they'd say you can trust party girls co with your event,
trust the process, trust the people and trust that you are going to love it. 
we now have expanded beyond parties. we have created high-end pop-ups, trade shows and activations from london to toronto.