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Birthday Inspo During COVID-19: 5 Ways to Celebrate Your Quarantine Birthday

Coming at you from my home office, in my 'day' pajamas to share my 5 essential components for throwing a festive and memorable home party - even under 'quarantine'.


Right now, Party Girls Company is working towards a greater online presence to showcase at-home options and are constantly in search of the newest and best online no-contact party and event decor.

Colour palettes are one of our favourite parts of planning. Colour matches we're loving right now? Nudes and browns with dusty rose, or whites and gold with greenery!

For purchasing decor online now, to be delivered to your doorstep; our first step is often Amazon, but you can also do a simple search on "Google" for local online party shops! Lastly - why not flex your DIY skills?

DIY Decor Ideas: and our friend Pink Millenial often shares her behind-the-scenes of her set-decor turned perfect party decor.

Fav Insta Accounts for Decor Inspo:

Fill up your home or try an at-home balloon display:

Purchase Balloons Online


#quarantinecakes are trending right now! What about ordering a cake, cupcakes, or some kind of sweet that you can put some birthday candles into (you can still purchase birthday candles with online retailers).

We loved this idea of grocery store cake hacks

Or, many local bakeries are still offering doorstep deliveries or curbside pick-ups such as our friends at Grandma's Oven and Chick Boss Cakes

"Quarantine" cakes from Butter& in San Francisco, California.

You know we're also huge fans of a great charcuterie or graze board. There's loads of tips on how to make your own (order what you need online through a local grocer) and our favourite is this YouTube tutorial from famous food stylist Richon Marie.


I mean, we aren't saying buying a gift for yourself is essential, but maybe slide this section of our blog post into your significant others DM.

But seriously, having something small to open up whether something you ordered for yourself (flowers!) is a pick-me-up. Popular gift ideas right now: DIY kits (knitting, makeup, cooking, baking, treats, crafting), online education, e-books, music subscriptions, home decor, workout gear, gardening or comfy wear

A couple local online shops we love:

Lofthouse Living

Flying Flamingos

Fleurs Fraiche (re-opening end of April 2020)

A Sweet Spin

And we really love these new social distancing cards but keep in mind gifts don't always have to cost money. Even a thoughtful phone call, is a gift.


A party just isn't complete with a music playlist, put together one for free on Spotify and host your own dance party. Secondly what about a celebrity shout-out to brighten someone's day? If you or someone in your house has a favourite celebrity obsession try Cameo who offers personalized messages from your favourite celebrities and a way to make yours or your quarantine day even more memorable.

Many artists are fully online now! Look for musicians that could sing a personalized song online, or party entertainers that will offer you a personalized service online (you could get an illusionist or tarot card reader.. for kids; what about hiring their favourite costumed character to do a birthday shout out). Even if it's a custom made Tik Tok video made for a friend, do something new and fun to help celebrate.


How lucky are we to have all these different online platforms to help us still celebrate with our family and friends? Our fav? Google Hangouts which allows you to add multiple people by entering their email address. Also, Houseparty a social networking service that enables group video chatting through mobile and desktop apps, find it on Apple apps.

This last 'step' might be the most important part of celebrating your birthday during the COVID19 pandemic. Everyone should spend as much online time with friends and family, especially on your birthday. Don't postpone your big day, you deserve a day dedicated to you with a few splashes of happiness.

If you need help celebrating an upcoming milestone virtually or 'from home' feel free to give us a shout! We offer full, or partial planning to take of all the details including the ones listed above.

Much love,

xo Party Girls Co.

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