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Some-bunny Loves YOU {Campaign for Youth Opportunities Unlimited}

Did some-BUNNY say COOKIES?

I'm excited to share some news!

First a little behind-the-scene info:

A few weeks ago I attended the Breakfast for YOU; an annual fundraiser by YOU (Youth Opportunity Unlimited). Find out more info at

I was so inspired by what YOU does. Their new campaign to raise money for a new youth and teen shelter, and the story shared from a previously homeless youth, led to me announcing on social media that I would be donating to Youth Opportunities Unlimited this year to support this new shelter.

And that's when Laurie (@lauriescookies) and I came up with the Some-bunny loves YOU campaign. This exciting and close-to-my-heart campaign runs from now until Easter this year.

How to participate? Order a dozen (or more) Some-bunny loves YOU campaign cookies from Laurie's Cookies (see contact info below) and $3.00 from each dozen goes to YOU (Youth Opportunities Unlimited). If you order over three dozen, we'll deliver!

Trust me, these make fantastic Easter gifts, egg hunt surprises, or table-setting decor for your Easter dinner.

As well, Party Girls Co. will donate $10 from every party booked in March and April 2017 towards our Some-bunny Loves YOU campaign. Which means as of the current date we've already donated over $100 and it's March 7th!

Show your support online by hashtaging #somebunnylovesyou (and tag myself and @lauriescookies) to show us your cookies on Instagram!

Thanks for your support and, hoppy Easter (OK, I'm done with the puns - sorry all! XO)


Ordering info:

Laurie's Cookies - minimum one dozen order.

Parties, by Party Girls Co. (or contact us through our website)

P: (519) 857-7391

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