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Unicorn 2nd Birthday

I was honest with my clients Terra and Anthony, when they chose to do a unicorn party for their sweet little one who was turning 2, I was secretly hoping they chose this theme because I had already been planning one in my mind for about a month (there, a small glimpse into my strange mind . Apparently I spend free, valuable, time thinking about unicorn themed decor.. ).

Terra and Anthony hosted, and graciously asked me to decorate, a Gatsby themed house warming party just after Halloween this year - that blog post soon-to-come. They are the kindest, most welcoming couple and have a beautiful home in London which is so fun to decorate.

Well - are you ready for UNICORN cuteness overload?






Here it is:

As always, amazing cookies from Laurie at Laurie's Cookies in London, On.

And we set up one of our Craftastic tables, with Alyssa doing unicorn party hats and fun paper birthday banners. Our tables can fit up to 10 little party guest set-ups and Alyssa keeps your munchkins entertained and having fun. See our website for more info.

It turned out beautifully and is now one of my very favourite parties, Happy Birthday Noelle! xo


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