• Melissa V

Holiday Home Tour - Part 2 Our Dining Room

Hope you enjoy my photos of my dining room this year, all ready for the holidays. I'll be honest, growing up we just bought fancy printed napkins and folded them nicely, placed the fork on top and we were good-to-go.

But now I love designing tablescapes, and on a side note; I've been looking for a great set of gold cutlery but have yet to find any. Let me know in the comments if you can help!

The great thing about this set-up; the gold and black tones make it perfect for NYE too, and who doesn't love that? Just wash up, and re-set.

My wall prints are IKEA circa 2013, this wall is due for a change. I'm thinking a gallery wall?

I hope you enjoyed the photos, keep an ear out for Part 3 of my Holiday Home photos where I show off our Kitchen. xo Remember to also check out my Instagram feed for more pictures!

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