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Holiday Home Tour 2016 - Part 1 Living Room

Much like every holiday, I love Christmas. I've always loved Christmas.

But, when you're young Christmas almost feels like real magic. It's so exciting. Time with family, visiting Santa, cooking, baking, playing in the snow, shopping, wrapping. Don't forget - Elf on the Shelf (does yours have a hilarious name? Ours is 'Chippy Snowflake'. She started out as a boy in 2014, came back as a girl (my kids decided) in 2015 and so far, still a girl for 2016. I bet you didn't know they could switch sexes like that *rolls eyes and laughs*)

Anyways - about the magic. I want the kids to have these amazing memories of a home that felt so special around the holidays that all you wanted to do was cozy up by the tree and watch Christmas movies together (which we've been doing a lot of around this house - Elf, Home Alone, Home Alone 2, Rudolph, etc etc). Here's a snap of my girls and their best gal pal (on the far left). We were just headed to our first Christmas parade of the season.

This year the local Holiday Home Tour fell upon a weekend that I was away (we were island hopping for a few days in Bahamas, it was so great to feel the sun!). And when I got back home I thought, why not have my own virtual tour? (Update: unfortunately my website doesn't seem to want to open up my videos, so instead I've created a full gallery of pictures to check out).

We moved into our home four years ago and gave it a full transformation 3.5 years ago. I love the space, and it's easy to add a different coloured theme each year as most of our home is shades of white or cream with warm wood floors.

Let me know your thoughts in the comments below, or tell me what you're up to for Christmas this year?!

Home Alone was even on during my photo session, remember the part where Kevin is in Buzz's room and the tarantula is just wandering around. My kids think it's hilarious because I am *frightened* of spiders... so they laugh at my facial expression during this part *smile*

I love this white plaid gift wrap purchased from Homesense. Our ornaments are a mixture of Homesense and The Bay (Gluckstein Home) and don't tell anyone but - also the dollar store.. that's right, you heard me. High and low, if you read Style at Home magazine you'll know what I mean.

The NOEL sign came together in my mind after I finished everything else. I went to Michael's and scored a great deal on Black Friday (yes, my house was decorated that early [I wanted to get mine done before I started working on all my amazing client's homes]).

Our tree is enjoying it's last Christmas with us - I've read my husband the riot act and we're buying what I like to call "our first Christmas tree" and it's 'on it's last legs'. Or - maybe a real tree next year. We'll see.

Our fur stockings are from Chapters. And, the silver from Michael's.

Don't forget to check out Part 2: Our Dining Room!

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