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Brody's Biker Bash

If you follow me on Instagram, you've heard me rave about my Hair Stylist Jennel - she's the bomb..

(I know, no one says that anymore but whatever).

So when Jennel asked me a few months ago if I wanted to help with Brody's birthday party, I was so excited!

Brody is the CUTEST. He's half Baby Gap model, half hilarious comedian. And I'm pretty sure he's the future class clown of junior kindergarten.

His favourite thing du jour, is motorcycles! (check out his new hog in this photo, above).

Jennel and I found these birthday labels from Olive and Star (on Etsy) and we stuck with the same colour theme (soft blue and orange) but added in black and CHROME (to make it a bit more bad-ass, a little less cute).

Here's a close up of the dessert table:

I crafted this tire garland, and the checkerboard banner, out of my favourite sharpies and high quality scrap-booking paper (from Micheal's). I loved how they turned out.

The only thing missing; is all the gorgeous photos of the guests (newborn to 6 years old) wearing bandannas and leather at the party (trust me, sooo cute).

Below is the full gallery ..... Thanks again to Jennel and her family! XO

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